What should be expected following endoscopic sinus surgery?

  1. Drainage from the nose may be seen for 3 to 4 days after surgery and could last up to a week. This drainage may initially have some bright red blood and progress to brownish streaked mucus.To help soak up this drainage, a moustache type dressing may be used. The
    first day after surgery you may have to change the dressing several times.Please keep your child from blowing the nose for two weeks after surgery to avoid irritating the area. Also, try to have your child sneeze with the mouth open, this may be more comfortable.
  2. Crusting in and below the nostrils may be noted due to drainage from the
    nose after surgery. Washing the outside of the nose with warm soapy water should help remove the crusting.
  3. Nasal stuffiness may also be noted until the lining of the nose heals. If severe stuffiness develops you may use any over- the- counter saline nasal spray your pharmacist suggests. Use two sprays on each side at least 4- 5 times per day.
  4. Pain – Your child will be uncomfortable for the first 2 to 3 days. Please use Tylenol (acetomenophen) every four hours as needed or Tylenol/narcotic pain medicine as prescribed by your physician.

What are some reasons you should contact your doctor after surgery?

  1. Continued bleeding beyond one week, or clear drainage from the nose that is present after 10 days.
  2. Pain not relieved by Tylenol/narcotic pain medicine.
  3. Because the sinuses are located near the eyes, some puffiness may be seen; however, if the swelling of the face or eyes increases, or if bruising occurs, notify the office immediately.
  4. Any change in vision should be reported to our office immediately.
  5. Headache complaints are normal the day of surgery and may be present for 1 to 2 days after. If the headache continues, please call the office.
  6. Any fever over 102 F occurring before your scheduled follow up office visit should be reported to the office.

Are there any restrictions in activity after this procedure?

As mentioned above, please do not let your child blow his nose for two weeks after the procedure to let the area heal.

After the initial sinus surgery, your child should not participate in aggressive play (i.e. soccer, bike riding, swimming) for one week. After one week, gradually let your child increase activity. If no nasal bleeding occurs, you can continue to let your child do more activities.

After the second part of the surgery (if applicable), your child can resume normal activity very quickly. Please follow your physician’s specific instructions regarding your child.