In today’s time patients and caregivers are sometimes hindered by high deductibles or the absence of insurance. At Michigan Pediatric ENT Associates we never want our patients to be deprived of excellent care because of situations that sometimes arise. For these reasons, we have partnered with Great Lakes Surgery Center to provide the below upfront pricing for those that chose to pay cash for their child’s surgeries. We have also partnered with Care Credit  to provide further payment options for our patient’s families.

MPENTA & Great Lakes Surgical Center Website Pricing

MPENTA CHARGEFacility’s Fee & Anesthesia’s FeeTotal Cost
BMT (69436)US$545.00US$800.00US$1,345.00
Myringoplasty (69620)US$2,400.00US$800.00US$3,200.00
Bilateral Submucosal Resection of Turbinates’ (30140 / 30802)US$655.00US$1,575.00US$2,230.00
Nasal Fracture Complex Open (21325)US$1,070.00US$2,200.00US$3,270.00
Nasal Fracture Simple Closed (21310)US$400.00US$1,350.00US$1,750.00
Septoplasty (30520)US$1,400.00US$2,200.00US$3,600.00
Septoplasty and Turbinates’ (30520 / 30140)US$1,930.00US$2,500.00US$4,430.00
Adenoidectomy (42830)US$475.00US$1,350.00US$1,825.00
Adenoidectomy with BMT (42830 / 69436)US$1,020.00US$1,500.00US$2,520.00
Frenulectomy (40819)US$730.00US$800.00US$1,530.00
Tonsillectomy (42825 / 42826)US$600.00US$1,350.00US$1,950.00
Tonsillectomy with BMT (42826 / 69436 or 42825 / 69436)US$875.00US$1,500.00US$2,375.00
Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy (42820 / 42821)US$690.00US$1,500.00US$2,190.00
Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy with BMT (42820 / 69436)US$1,210.00US$1,650.00US$2,860.00