Home Care Instructions Following Myringoplasty

Normal Post-Operative Complaints

Patient May Have:

1. Bloody or watery drainage from the ear for one to two days

2. Noises (popping, crackling) in the ear

Call the Office if You Notice Any of the Following

1. Drainage from the ear for more than 3 days

2. Drainage with odor from the ear

3. Fever greater than 102 degrees not relieved by Tylenol

4. Pain not relieved by pain medicine

5. Dizzy sensation

Activity Restrictions:

1. No nose blowing/sneeze with mouth open

2. May return to school next day.  No PE or contact sports for 2 weeks

3. Can bathe/shower next day as long as ear is protected from water

4. No water in ear until the ear is completely healed

5. No swimming for 2 weeks. Use earplug for swimming after 2nd week

6. No flying for 2 weeks