It is crucial to identify these deformities within first week of life in order to use a non-surgical intervention to correct the deformity. We are offering ear molding in our office to correct the ears. The earlier this non-invasive intervention is applied, the higher the success rate of correcting the ear. We recommend beginning intervention within the first week of life. When the infant is about 6 weeks old the cartilage in the ear hardens, making it too late to use ear molding to correct the ear. While studies show there is a high success rate with this procedure, there is a low chance that the ear may retain some deformity.

Common Types of Newborn Ear Deformity

Constricted ear of the helical rim known as lop ear, ear lidding, or flopping. Protruding ears or prominent ears that stick out 2cm or greater. Stahl’s ear deformity known as Spock ear or elf ear.

Ear Molding Process

The ear molding process typically takes 2-4 weeks to shape the ear. This process takes place in our office with molding material that is placed on the ear with adhesive. Close follow-up every week will take place until ear molding process is completed.

Cost of Ear Molding in Our Office

The office visit is billed to the insurance company for a office visit and may be applied to the patient’s deductible/co-pay. Our ear molding procedure is more cost effective compared to the EarWell that other specialists use. The EarWell which is not always covered by insurance can range from $1,000-$3,000 out of pocket.